Singing to her own tune

– by Kerrie Alexander


THERE are no more “what-ifs” in life for  award-winning country and blues singer-songwriter  Keri McInerney.  Her life changed in an instant after doctors  discovered a brain aneurysm behind her right  eye in January last year, which was removed  with a high-risk surgery. 

While the surgery was a success, the Hervey  Bay resident faced many setbacks in the days  following with three days in the ICU, visual  disturbances and stroke-like symptoms.

In the last two months alone, Keri has spent 26  days in hospital recovering from a tachycardia  episode and neurological problems that have  caused her muscles to waste away. 

She is now undergoing intensive exercise rehabilitation at St Stephen’s Hospital to  build up her strength.  Yet, during all this, the passionate musician  mustered up incredible strength to carry on  and self-publish a philosophy book on her  experience, titled Sanguine Moon. 

She also released her latest single Waiting on the Other Side, which tells a story about the  fears the much-loved country singer faced – a  project Keri said helped immensely with the  healing process.

Recorded at Little Shack Studios in Brisbane,  the single was released in May and has been  distributed to radio worldwide and is now  available on all online stores. 

Keri said her resilience came from deep within,  using her own words from the philosophy  book, meditation and a brand-new outlook on  life to carry on. 

“I now put happiness above and beyond  pressure, above worrying about what-ifs and  focusing on the moment and being happy.  “I can’t explain it, but something just clicked in  (after the surgery). 

“I thought if I allow this to get on top of me,  I’ve lost, and I’ve got too much to fight for. 

“I have never given up on anything and I wasn’t  going to give up on my life.”  There are still days where she gets “knocked  down” but Keri said her ability to de-clutter  her thoughts and refocus was key to getting  back on her feet. 

“I’m a totally different person now. I have  learnt that you don’t have to always be strong  for everybody all of the time, you just have to  be there for you. 

“When you go through something like this you  have a change in your priorities. “The music is still important, but it’s the  precious people and precious moments that  matter.”  The next step for Keri is finishing the tracks for  her apt forthcoming album, I’m Free. 

“I can still sing, it’s not like I’m finished or  anything like that, but I just don’t want to rush  it … I just need to recover first. 

“As soon as I can basically get myself strong  enough, I’ll be getting that out there as soon  as possible. 

“We had so much success with the single, so  we don’t want to lose the momentum.” 

The single is available on ITunes and Amazon  Music, Spotify and online stores worldwide.