Retro Revival

– by Carly McClintock

In a time when making your house a home has  become more important than ever, now is the  time to create and express your individuality  through décor, furniture and cherished pieces  old and new. The good old cane chair has taken  centre stage, being reborn, reused and upcycled  and brought into stylish, contemporary settings. 

Cane’s history and resilience live on, creating  that relaxed vintage vibe. Whether taking its  place in a beach shack, a mid-century abode or  mixed with everyday modern interiors. These organic, durable story-telling pieces just keep  evolving, settling in comfortably into today’s lifestyles and trends. 

Just like those corduroy pants our parents wore  and the macramé planters hanging throughout  your childhood home, bamboo furniture has  made a comeback bigger than ever! 

Once a popular item of the 70s that collected  dust, the uptake of cane has now gained  momentum. New pieces are flying out the  doors, getting snapped up by the sustainably  conscious buyer who appreciates the work and  labor involved in the creation. 

So, where to nab yourself a cane sensation?  Like many of us, I have chased that nostalgia,  history and craftsmanship behind these vintage  pieces.

Secondhand stores and Facebook  marketplace are my go-to places. Just like many  other hopeful hunters we continue to search  and collect, filling our homes with gifts from the  past.

With no piece being the same, each one  holds its own personality, standing out from its  mass-produced friends.  The excitement I get when I take someone’s  trash and turn it into my treasure is like nothing  else!

I get a sense of not only achievement, but  enjoy the pride of recycling, reusing and giving  each piece the new lease of life and love it so  deserves. As cane continues to stand the test of time,  it has shown that the once-old is new again, holding its place in this modern world, sparking  creativity and imagination back into these fun  and unique pieces.