Hear Me Roar!

– by Sotik Sahna

Life can bring many different,  unexpected, crazy seasons and through  the highs and lows – we can find  ourselves messed up, knocked down,  rejected, exhausted, overwhelmed and  left with the heavy weighing decision  whether or not to bounce back? 

What does this have to do with fashion? 

Everything…  Fashion – is an expression!

Creative,  meaningful statements that speak a  universal dialogue without ever having  to say a word… All by the choices we  make and how we choose to wear them. 

Whatever season you may be in right  now, give yourself permission to ROAR! 

Use fashion – patterns, textures, layers,  words, colours, brands and accessories  to express what’s really going on, on the  inside! 

Most of the time our own worst enemy  is ourselves, and instead of being held  back, we need to boldly unleash that  inner beast of creativity and individuality  within every single one of us because we  can and not because we have too. 

No matter what your style may be,  fashion is supposed to be fun! It’s  there to break the rules, explore and  experiment with. 

The secret ingredient to  pulling off any look and  having permission to  ROAR is… YOU.

The moment you make that decision  to BE YOU and OWN IT will be the day  fashion no longer is just a covering, it  becomes a creative expression, a daily reflection of who you are in this world, it  has purpose and believe this as you read  it… there is NO ONE else like you, so own  it and have fun with it!

We look forward to seeing on of your  roaring looks on social media!

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Remember, you are amazing xox