Keep calm, keep renovating

Written by Celine Louie

Fellow renovators, whilst life can get busy and chaotic, there are times in our journey when we feel compelled to stand back and take stock of where we are at on our personal inner renovating journey. Have you felt the pull lately?

Perhaps it’s time to admire the inner house you have created, appreciating all that you have become, and taking note of what adjustments need to be made for the future. For if you don’t love the home you’re in, how can you move through life with the happiness and ease that you deserve?

Life has a funny way of giving us a nudge when much needed renovations need to occur-but it is up to us to act. If we are too distracted by life in the outside world, we can forget to read the warning signs.

The little dark spot on the ceiling above our bed getting bigger as the days pass by, and it is not until we wake up with a constant drip on our head one night, and the threat of the upstairs bathtub falling through the floor, that we realise urgent work has needed to be done for a while.

At times life flows by and we feel like everything is just as it should be, content with the home we are in and all that surrounds it, we put our feet up and get a little lazy. However don’t get too comfortable; for we all know that as life progresses and changes, no matter how perfect the moment, there are always minor adjustments to be made.

It’s called living your best life, so step out of the renovating rut and be sure to always allow yourself room to grow and change, for this is the reason we are here after all- perhaps we just need to clean out the kitchen junk drawer every now and then, renovations don’t need to be big to be effective.

Renovating is certainly not something we can do alone, but be certain to be discerning when picking those that you will allow into your house. Not everyone is as kind and helpful as you may think, so choose wisely and only allow those that share the same vision and are willing to support you on accomplishing your dream home. You are worthy of that.

We are all driven to live a life of comfort and security, but sadly there are times when our outer world can change dramatically. Waking up to the sound of noisy bulldozers, there are those rare times when we open the curtains to find that things have changed permanently outside. The bush land next door is being developed leaving us to feel like our home and the tranquility we have painstakingly created has been taken from us. We realise we can no longer live the way we had planned; big changes need to be made. It’s time to move.

Those moments in life can be emotional and unsettling, we can feel lost and alone, unsure what to do. But be assured that all that happens in our lives serves a greater purpose, and it is not until we get a chance to turn around and look back on these big life-changing events, that we realise life is so much better now.

One year down the track and we’ve not only found our dream house, but we’re now armed with new skills and a deeper understanding of what really matters to us. We see the silver lining and appreciate the amazing renovators we have become. Change is good.

So enjoy your renovating journey, however challenging it may seem. For the harder we work the more beauty we can create within ourselves.