5 bathroom renovation tips you need to know

Written by Amanda Shaw

Seek out a professional
Hire a licensed contractor with a current builders license. It ensures that the license holder is knowledgeable and qualified to do the job.

Bathroom layout
Avoid changing the current layout if you don’t have to. Changing the electrical and plumbing can be expensive.

Set a budget
Renovating an existing bathroom can result in finding unforeseen problems such as rotted timber in the walls and floor, leaking taps or damaged waterproofing. Give yourself peace of mind by allowing a little extra into your budget, If you are fortunate not to need it, you can always put the money into other upgrades, such as better tiles, a frameless shower screen or save it for a rainy day.

Consider lighting
Natural light. Task lighting above the vanity is a must. Consider an IXL 3 in 1 combo light which comes with a fan exhaust and heat lamp.

You can never have enough storage. Allow for inbuilt face height storage and drawers in the vanity. Inbuilt shelves are also handy if you have the space.