Seasonal Finances. Who knew it was a thing!

Written by Kodie Axelson

If you’re a Fraser Coast local, you would probably know a farmer or two. Our regional area was made up of farming land until the growth of the town took over. When I moved here from Adelaide I lived on my Aunty and Uncles cattle farm. It was still a fitting scene for me having come from working at an organic barramundi farm, but a very different landscape. I came from water to drought struck land. Farming is an industry that is very much driven by passion. It is hard work and long laborious hours. It’s an unforgiving industry and one that is dependent on such an uncontrollable element such as the weather.

In my field I deal with many agriculture clients and their businesses. The position of their business is dependent on many variables, a lot of which can’t be controlled. This can lead to unforeseen cashflow issues and declining financial positions. Farming can however be a lucrative business. The upkeep and continued development of the land can increase its value when sold. It’s a tough business to sustain. There are however ways to improve your businesses cashflow whilst growing our asset base and productivity within your business.

Equipment financing can be a great option for farmers to purchase assets to grow their business and keep their cash flowing. You can access finance for the purchase of tractors, dozers, cars, motorbikes, 4 wheelers, and even cattle. What is even more suited to this industry is the seasonal payments available to support your cashflow in the offseason. This allows you to prepare your business for busy times ahead and reserve your cash for the quiet times. It is a very beneficial structure for a business of this nature and replaces the need to pay monthly repayments. Seasonal payments can help preserve your cashflow for the Running of the business and take the stress away in the down times.

If you’re running a farm and are looking for new equipment, please contact me so you can move forward with the right advice. Given what I’m told lately about the weather or lack thereof, your cashflow needs you!

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