Can You Trust Your Intuition?

Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to the first edition of our new column, The 6th Sense. It replaces Life Chat which I have enjoyed sharing with you for the past three years.

Why is the column called The 6th Sense?

My passion is exploring the aspects of life that exist beyond our human form and physical senses.

While we are aware of the 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, interwoven with these is another group of abilities, collectively called The 6th Sense. These inner, subtle senses create our intuition, as well as our ability to connect with spiritual loved ones and guides, healing energies, symbolic dreams and much more.

This column will never tell you what to believe, because everyone’s spiritual path is their own. However, I’ll share what I’ve learned during the 35 years of my quest to understand our inner spiritual nature and how the Universe (God, the Source, Divine Light etc) communicates with us. We’ll delve into topics such as how psychics receive their information, the aura and chakras, near death experiences, soul lessons and life paths, spirits and ghosts, mediumship and dreams.

Let’s begin with an understanding of our intuition and how it works.

Everyone can develop their intuition. In fact, your intuition is already guiding you even if you are unaware of it.

Whenever you have a ‘gut feeling’ about something or someone that turns out to be right, that’s your intuition at work. You don’t know on a conscious level why you feel the way you do, and yet your inner radar is spot on. Sometimes, you can even sense what’s going to happen before it occurs, or you know someone is in trouble before they tell you. Perhaps you get the urge to text them and check they are ok, discovering that they are unwell.

Your intuition speaks to you through your strongest psychic sense. Most often this involves sensing or feeling. The relevant energy centre (or chakra) for sensing and feeling sits within the solar plexus. Hence, you may feel uneasy in your stomach when something doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, the feeling is so strong that you just ‘know’ information as clearly as if someone had told you. This is because you are receiving and interpreting energy without being consciously aware of it. Empaths have a strong connection to their intuition, and this allows them to tune into what others are feeling.
I’ll discuss each of the psychic senses in another column, but the question I want to raise now is, ‘Can you trust your intuition?’

Many students have asked how they can discern the difference between their intuition and imagination. There is no easy answer. While every person can improve the accuracy of their intuition, it takes time and practice. Anxiety or any strong emotion can block or distort intuition. Intuition works best when we are not already influenced by our feelings. Anxiety makes experiences feel wrong even when they are not, and strong desires may persuade us that what we want is good for us, even when it is not. Regular meditation to calm and still a busy mind is the first step to allowing your intuition to flourish.

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