Give your home a travellers experience

Written by Amanda Shaw

5 Styling tips to make your home feel like a holiday home everyday.

  1. The finer little things –
    Incorporate local artwork, nostalgic pieces, the homeowners hobbies, travel pieces, and other visual elements that create interest.
  2. Living space –
    Consider creating a variety of different comfortable seating options adding different cushions, throws or soft blankets. A functional layout ensures easy flow between all areas of the home and each space serves its purpose effectively.
  3. Create the mood with lighting –
    Adequate lighting is crucial in creating a warm relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Consider task lighting over a desk, soft lamps around lounge areas, adjustable lighting in bedrooms and direct lighting in bathrooms and kitchens. If designing a new area, consider a large window to allow natural light and cross ventilation.
  4. Outdoor space –
    Design your outdoor space to be accessible from different parts of the home – e.g.: Outdoor furniture fabric, a well appointed BBQ area, a cosy chair to curl up or read a book, a level path to walk on and a low maintenance garden.
  5. Colour palette –
    Choose a colour palette that promotes relaxation and comfort. Neutral tones like beige, cream, and soft colours can create a calm environment.