Get out & about!

Written by Kodie Axelson

When we think of travel, we generally think of going across Australia or flying overseas. We live in such a beautiful place here on the Fraser Coast and we are lucky to have so many amazing travel destinations at our doorstep. The options are aplenty and of varying price ranges. We have camping, hotels, motels and even boats. The locations are endless. If you want to stick to a small budget camping is a great option. Stay at many of the nearby national parks located on the beach front such as Rainbow Beach and K’Gari, or the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands in places such as Connondale.

Camping is a great way to stick to a tighter budget. Although you might have to buy a tent or a swag, you will be set up for future trips to come and not pay any hefty hotel charges. It’s a great way to get out in nature and reset. Some local campgrounds such as Hangar O provide glamping tents, powered and unpowered campsites. There’s a full range of price points to fit most budgets for a couple’s getaway or a family trip.

If your budget allows there are places like Kingfisher Bay or the Oaks. The rooms are lovely, and the food buffets can be quite accommodating for those who don’t want to cook and are there to purely kick back and relax. Just because you live in the area does not mean you can’t take a few days out and book a local hotel for a break and some time out to recharge. It’s a great way to get the holiday locked in with minimal planning if time is not on your side. Last minute bookings can also benefit from the potential of locals discounts. That last minute booking might not be as pricey as you think.

One of my favourite holidays in our area is booking a barefoot boat with Sweet Escapes to travel up the coast of K’Gari. The scenery is amazing and depending on your plans you can make it even more cost effective by booking a trip with friends to split the cost. There’s no better way to take advantage of our landscape than slowly boating up the inside of K’Gari and anchoring down in the crystal blue waters for the night. You might also consider the option of travelling on one of their catamarans with a guided tour over to Lady Elliott Island. The marine life is breathtakingly beautiful.

Whatever your budget, it is worth considering getting out and about in our local area and taking advantage of all it has to offer. There is something for all budgets big and small. I hope this little reminder sparks some holiday plans and gives you something to look forward to.

Like they say “work hard but play harder!”