Franky Busta Fletcher

What first got you into music? And who inspired you to make music?

Music has always been such a big part of my life. Even when I was a baby I would listen to my dad and his mates playing guitar and singing songs together. I really loved movies as well and hearing certain songs in films would eventually influence my taste in music.

By the age of 3 I was always making up songs and lyrics on my little ukelele or toy electric guitar, and enjoyed singing along to all the classic songs my parents loved. The majority of my music taste was influenced from my parents when I was a toddler, but what specifically made me decide to ask my dad to teach me guitar was actually a movie scene! I was 9 years old and loved the movie ‘Back to the Future’, especially the scene at the end where Marty (Michael J Fox) plays ‘Johnny B. Goode’ on guitar. I would watch it over and over again, and dreamed of being able to play the guitar like that.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

I’ve always just imagined myself performing on stage. As I got older and began learning basic guitar from my Dad, I eventually got more confident in my singing ability when singing my favourite songs as I learnt them on guitar. I eventually made up my mind that music was all I wanted to do, and started practicing guitar, singing, and writing everyday and I still do now.

Towards the end of primary school, and heading into highschool, I had heard about the amazing music program at Urangan State High School. I had a goal to get accepted into their ACE Music Excellence class for Grade 7.

I started having singing lessons with local voice coach Gunilla Myren to prepare for the audition, which really helped with my confidence in performing, and fortunately I was accepted. I continued in that program throughout my Junior highschool years, and now as a Senior I am currently studying for my Certificate IV in Music under our Music teacher Josh Hardy. Urangan High is the only school in Queensland to offer the Cert IV in Music, and I am so fortunate to attend a school with such a fantastic music program and so many performance opportunities. Every day I am around other very talented musicians and singers and that always spurs me on to learn more, and continue to get better and better.

I love that my younger siblings are really into music too. They take lessons in multiple instruments and love performing, my little brother Darcy even fronts his own band already at 12 years old! Music is always blaring out from every room of our house (sorry neighbours!)

What’s the best piece of advice another musicians ever gave you?

Recently I entered the Hervey Bay Unplugged competition, and made it all the way through to the Grand Final stage. I didn’t win, and although I was proud of myself for making it that far as all of the contestants were so good, I also felt a little disappointed, and started to doubt myself a bit. Our good friend, very talented and well known local musician Darren Marlow, made a small comment that actually helped a lot. He said to “keep doin whatcha doin mate’ and also reminded me that time is on my side. I know I am on the right path, it doesn’t just happen overnight and I have plenty of time to reach my goals and achieve my dreams. Darren is often giving me useful advice and also providing me with guitar strings haha! (I go through a LOT of guitar strings!)

Another awesome local muso Ricky Manych has also been really helpful and supportive to me. I’ve known Rick my whole life and used to watch him sing and play music at our house when I was little. I actually have a photo of Ricky playing guitar and me next to him playing the harmonica, back when I was still in nappies! There are so many talented musicians in our region and so far everyone I’ve met has been really encouraging.

Who’s your dream musician to collaborate with and why?

Most of my favourite artists that I’ve idolised who were prominent in the 90’s grunge and alternative era, have unfortunately passed. But if I had to pick an artist to collaborate with, it would probably have be Jack Johnson because he seems like a pretty chill guy. Also Eddie Vedder would be pretty cool, considering Pearl Jam is my favourite band.

Do you write your own music? Where we can find your music?

Yeah I’ve recently started to get serious about writing my own music, probably since the later half of 2022. Although my songs are still yet to be produced and published, I have been spending everyday writing new material in hopes that I will soon be able to professionally record them. Most of my songwriting, both lyrically and musically, has been influenced from a mix of more alternative, poetic artists such as Eddie Vedder, Billy Corgan, and Chino Moreno, and also more modern hip-hop oriented artists such as Mac Miller.

I have a YouTube channel ‘BustaMaster’ (@FrankyBusta_Fletcher) where you will find some of my originals, alongside several covers.

You can also catch me busking on Saturday or Sunday mornings at Pialba Place Shopping Centre!
Instagram and Facebook: @franky.busta_music