The Tapestry of Life

Written by Celine Louie

As we emerge out of the womb our woven tapestry of life is first created, a single thread links us to our mother, a second thread connects us to our father, and so the weaving has begun, linking in and out, never alone, always connected.

We begin by inheriting the deep history experienced by the generations that have come before us, both the beauty and the trauma passed down through the ages- running through our blood; it defines the essence of us.

As the threads continue to weave this intricate tapestry, family traditions are passed on to us. How we celebrate milestones, the foods we eat and the clothes we wear- simply living day to day we effortlessly inherit the stories of our ancestors- they become a part of us, layer upon layer, weaving us to the past and creating new threads linking us to the future.

But this woven tapestry of connection doesn’t stop there, for as we grow we weave and intertwine ourselves with so many who cross our paths. For some the thread of connection may only be short, for others a little longer and then there are the deepest of connections that weave in and out of our story until the day we pass. No matter the length, they all come with meaning, adding colour and experiences to our ever-growing tapestry.

We live our lives seeking these connections, for what is having food, water and shelter, if we have no one to share the sunrise and sunsets? So we travel through life looking for others to connect with, weaving and intertwining ourselves with those who share the same passions- whether it be through food, culture, religion, sport or simply how we view the world.

Experiencing life through the shared experiences of another, we feel deeper empathy and understanding, softening us to the flaws of those around us, knowing that in our humanness we all have faults and we all deserve to be treated with gentle kindness.

So my friends, go about your days with compassion for each of your fellow humans. Look for those common threads, for we all have something to share with one another. Whilst for some the connection is found right at the surface, for others it takes a little more digging- don’t give up, for deep down we are all one and the same, all living with so much joy and suffering.

In a world filled with ever-increasing division, connect tightly to one another for the threads that bind us get stronger as we do. It is this strength that builds a strong net of support, securely holding one another together in times of turmoil, protecting us from falling through the cracks, for we were never made to go through it alone.

Step forward into the light of each day asking yourself how you can make someone else’s day better. Weave your thread into the hearts of others, and allow theirs to weave back into yours, for what would this world be, without the ability to share it with all of those around you?