What wills you to succeed?

Written by Kodie Axelson

Motivation is a feeling. A feeling we get when we have something we want to achieve. As it is a feeling it would be accurate to say, it is not something that we feel consistently. Motivation is attached to a feeling of positivity, but what if you are feeling down? Are you going to want to get up and do what you need to do that day to achieve that goal that motivated you yesterday when you felt good? Countless mentors and business people have stated that discipline trumps motivation. That motivation is just a feeling. It is not consistent therefore your results without discipline will not remain consistent.

Is there a difference between motivation and drive? I believe so. While motivation is a feeling at a certain time, I believe drive is an overarching goal to achieve something over time, something bigger.
If you have the drive to achieve a larger goal you will plan how, what and when you will achieve that goal. Your motivation comes into play on the days you need to get up and put that plan into action. People with drive have a willingness to succeed at their goal and will put time and effort into actions that lead them to where they want to go. It is a power source.

I believe above all motivation and drive are fed by a purpose. A purpose is a belief that you are here on this earth for a reason. It is a knowing that what drives and motivates you has a higher purpose in this world for good. Successful people will generally have a higher purpose. Something they themselves believe they are here for. It keeps them going when things get tough or when they are down. It is what they tap into when they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a money column but without motivation and drive to get up and go to work every day or to build that business, make that big decision we would stop. Our end goal gives us the drive to keep going.

When you are a business owner and you are relied upon to lead it is your drive and motivation that keep you going. It is your higher purpose that pushes you to make tough decisions and work through challenging times. There is no one that makes you get up in the morning when you are your own boss. Your mind is your master and your motivation and drive are what gets you up because it is all on you.

There is no doubt money is a motivator for some people. Whether that be to spread your wealth, to have the ability to donate more money to the causes you hold dear, to make a difference. Money can be perceived as negative, but I believe it is defined by the purpose one has to make more of it.

In a lot of cases people, I know with money want to share their wealth for good. It is not always easy to attain, and it is fair to say those with it used their drive to get it. People see the tip of the iceberg and the success and the ‘things’ but they don’t see the sacrifice, the discipline, the daily motivation and focus it took to get there.

Through the last few years, a lot of business owners would have called on their drive to get them through some of the toughest and unprecedented times they have experienced. Their willingness to lead and keep their businesses afloat would have got them through. I commend all business owners and people that got through the last few years that would have broken many.

I hope anyone reading this column has found their purpose or believes they are here for a reason. I hope this knowing keeps you driven to move through life and achieve wonderful things because we are all here to make a difference no matter how big or small.