Travelling the harder road

Written by Celine Louie

Up until just a few years ago, the call to act and be driven in one direction or another came and went without much fuss, there was a simplicity to our life choices that passed by unnoticed by others much of the time.

Most were not aware of the tidal wave of decisions that were bearing down upon us, and it was not until the tidal wave was breaking above us, that many were forced to look up and make some choices that they never thought they’d have to make.

A fork in the road had appeared and there was no turning back.

The deep call within to take the hard road, no matter the consequences, was a calling that many in our communities were faced with, for giving-in was an option that for some, was not an option at all.
And so we were forced to say goodbye to amazing paramedics, nurses, teachers and countless others who were the backbone of our community, driven in a direction they could not go.

For many it was the hardest decision they had ever been faced with in their lives, but even with large families to feed and bills to pay, the call to stand strong was louder than they had ever heard, and so they did.

Some stood down temporarily whilst the wave eventually passed, whilst others sought a different path altogether, sensing that whilst waves come and go, preparation to deal with future tidal waves is key.

The call to act has been so strong of late; that many have connected with a deep inner warrior strength they never knew was there. A strength that no future wave, no matter how big, will ever be able to break.

One thing is certain; despite the adversities, there has been no regret.

Whilst the previous tidal wave is slowly passing, our world as we know it has changed in ways we had never imagined possible. We may not be faced with the same decisions we were faced with a few years ago, but we must remember that we continue to have the power to dictate our future by the choices we make today.

It is up to us to hold on to and continue to focus on all that defines our humanity; treating one another with compassion no matter our individual choices, supporting one another in times of need, and growing our connected communities in order to safeguard ourselves for any future waves should we have to choose the harder road in order to stay true to ourselves.

Regardless of what lies ahead in the days to come, be reminded that you have all the strength and support you need to stay true to yourself, no matter how hard the path ahead may.