Weaving our journey

Written by Celine Louie

Life, what an interwoven jumble of twists and turns it is.

We have the ability to craft our lives in any way we choose. Some choose to craft a simple pattern, whilst others choose a more adventurous path, but the beauty of life is that every pattern no matter the complexity is beautiful in its own way.

As young sailors we are often taught to believe that life is just one straight line, but we soon learn otherwise as we find and connect with our inner compass that helps us choose to navigate our own paths in the best way we see fit. Whilst it’s nice to aim for a destination, you can be sure that you will encounter a freak wave or two along the way that will have you re-set your course.

There are times when we forget to check our inner compass, instead being swept away with the stronger currents, but life has a certain way of giving us a nudge when we stray off course, and it is at those darker points in our journey when we are tossed overboard and feel the power of those waves crashing over us, that we desperately reach for that long forgotten inner compass and hold onto it tightly, knowing that it will help guide us back to the safety of our vessels. No sailor is immune to being thrown overboard and it is in those harrowing times that we gain the skills to be better sailors for the seas ahead.

So my sailor friends, check your inner compasses often. Look around at your surroundings and observe the feelings you get. Life is beautiful and it is our birthright to experience love and happiness in the everyday. Staying true to ourselves will ensure we stay on course, living with integrity the ultimate answer to being a proficient sailor. Are you on the right course?

Let us not forget that at times we may encounter obstacles that appear to be in the way, but upon further inspection, turn out to be small islands of refuge that provide us with a whole new map to sailing the oceans ahead. Yes my sailor friends, when we look out at our vast oceans not all is as it may seem and that only adds to the beauty of sailing this incredible journey.

So stay true to your course, focus on your own compass and allow it to weave and guide you to create the best life for YOU, for it is only when we reach our final resting place, that we have the opportunity to stop, turn around and admire what a beautiful, unique life pattern we have created with our endless twists and turns.

Sail on my friends!