Locals leave a legacy with Rally for a Cause

Written by Kerrie Alexander

It was recently “Include a Charity Week” which aims to highlight the impact you can make for a cause close to your heart through leaving a gift in your Will. Two locals Enid and Marie have both stepped up and made a pledge to leave a gift in their wills to the local charity Rally for a Cause.

Rally for a Cause is a local charity that supports people with life limiting medical conditions or those whom have been subject to tragic circumstances beyond their control. During the week dedicated to raising awareness about gifts in wills, both Enid* and Marie* attended presentations about how they can support a local charity, and both ladies expressed an interest in wanting to know how they could go about including Rally for a Cause.

“For me, it’s about knowing I will make my mark, and leave positive impact on the lives of locals, and it could potentially be people I know, my own children, family or friends. That’s really important to me, I can help a charity and I know it helps locals at the same time,” Enid said.

Making a Will is the only way you can be sure your wishes will be followed after you’re gone. If you don’t make a Will, the law will dictate how your Estate is distributed meaning part or all of your Estate may end up going to people you never intended to benefit. There are different types of gifts you can give to charity, but all will make a lasting impact. Don’t forget your superannuation. This is not typically covered by your Will as it is held by a trustee. You could choose to add your super to your estate and gift it to your favourite charity.

Gifts in Wills are an important source of income for many charities and enable them to carry out much of their vital work. You can decide how small or large your gift is.

When asked about her thoughts on supporting a charity through Wills Marie added that hearing that gifts of all sizes are welcomed was important for her.

“I don’t have millions of dollars, but hearing that a local charity would be grateful for any contribution made me realise I can actually help with what I have to offer.”

Including a charity in your Will is simple; the process is the same as providing for your loved ones. Your gift can be as little or as large as you want, and if done at the same time as writing your Will, your bequest can be done after other financial considerations like leaving money for loved ones and funeral costs have been accounted for.

The reality is that most charitable gifts in Wills are left by thoughtful Australians who are people just like you who simply want to make a difference and see their vision for the world live on. It is always recommended to seek professional guidance about your individual circumstances, and understand that everyone’s position is different.

To learn more about Rally for a Cause and the ways you can help make an impact, reach out anytime admin@rallyforcause.org.au or by calling 0429 224 682.

(Please note: The names of the donors have been changed for privacy.)