Always, always give back!

Written by Kodie Axelsen

I’ve always lived by a notion that the more money you make, the more money you have to give. I often see people in business with a scarcity mindset that undervalue themselves and therefore undercharge for their services. When I see this I question how they are going to provide their services to those people when they’re no longer in business due to lack of income and cashflow.

When we value our services we radiate a different energy to our clients. One that gives them confidence in our abilities. When we deliver the outcome expected, chances are they are going to be more than happy to pay for the service they have received.

I have observed a pattern across all business owners that reflects when you’re in financial hardship your mindset is blown as well as your cashflow. In most cases the mindset has deteriorated first and the money has followed. If you charge accordingly you are not only doing yourself a favour but also your clients. They want to see you there for the long run. If you asked them to choose between paying less and having you in operation for a short time or paying more and having you open to them in the future, chances are they’ll choose the latter.

So, value yourself. Take pride in what you do and charge accordingly. You will run a more successful business, you will have happier clients and you will have the cashflow to match.

When you build up the cashflow, that’s when the fun starts. That’s when you are then in a position to give back. What a fulfilling feeling that is. I can guarantee when that extra income gives you the ability to pass it forward and do something remarkable you will wonder why you ever doubted yourself in the first place.

If you have this scarcity mindset, work on making small incremental steps to change your thought process. What is a cause that you would to give back to? To be in a position to give back to that cause do you need to be financially stable? What are you willing to do to get there?

A cause or a purpose can be a powerful driver in business and in life. You might be one decision away from making an impact. If increasing your price can help you instigate change, what are you waiting for? Charge accordingly.

Be brave. Be ambitious. Know your worth and always, always give back!