October Inspiration

Written by Alison Dunlop

Adventure for me is getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things.
Most of us are creatures of habit and tend to stick to the familiar.
My general advice is to be brave, take a chance, and a leap of faith.
Adventure opportunities will lead to personal growth and satisfaction!

Capricorn Dec 22 -Jan 19

A detox is indicated for you Capricorn. This month is a great month to get back into shape on all levels. Delete or change things that do not serve you, including toxic relationships/friendships, social media, foods and mindset. Once you have decluttered toxic energy you will feel so much better.

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18

You are being reminded to tread carefully. Be sure to avoid chaos by being prepared. Whether that is by literally planning with lists, or by doing your research before venturing forward. My advice, in times of pressure step back and check in on what your intuition tells you. Your intuition is your inner wisdom.

Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20

I get the feeling Pisces that you may be feeling like you are a bit disconnected, or unravelling. Don’t despair! Stop and breathe. Write down all the jobs or things you need to do. Ask yourself, what will make you feel whole again? Be honest. Find time for stillness while you work this out. Stillness allows inspiration to come into your consciousness.

Aries Mar 21 – April 19

Hopefully, house work is not suggested for you this month! Seriously, I feel it is time to tidy things up somehow. Sorting thoughts, jobs or other things that have been procrastinating on so you can move on. Things will improve for you once you do that. So get moving!

Taurus April 20 – May 20

Things have the potential to be magical for you this month! Do what you can to improve the love energy around you. Make extra effort with those loved ones in your life. Raise the love energy in your living space, with shades of pink, candles, and plants. Enjoy!

Gemini May 21 – June 20

Things are pointing to signing some paperwork or entering into a contract this month Gemini. Possibly for a different job or even a house contract. There are good feelings around this contract, so go for it making sure you check the fine print first before committing.

Cancer June 21- July 22

Have you been seeing red lately? Instead of being possibly frustrated, this month you are encouraged to change your perspective because there is an opportunity here for you to truly shine and show people your potential! This can be a great time for you.

Leo July 23 – Aug 22

It’s blue skies ahead this month for you Leo. You are also being reminded to please keep your thoughts and words positive. What you put out, you attract big time. If you have been pondering if you are on the right track, the answer is YES!

Virgo Aug 23 – Sept 22

It is suggested this month to show your feminine side. This can mean finding more patience, trying some nurturing to yourself and others or even communicating in a gentler way. Ladies, time to make yourself feel special. Treat yourself to a new outfit, hairstyle, or even makeup.

Libra Sept – 23 – Oct 23

Breathe a sigh of relief Libra. It has been a hard road for you, but great news, you are on to the next phase. There is also a reminder, to take the lead. You do not need to follow anyone else’s path. Congratulations!

Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 21

With the warmer weather Scorpio, you are being urged to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the new season. There is a feeling that things have been a bit chaotic around you lately and now it is your time to recharge your body battery. Kick your shoes off, stroll on the beach, collect shells, read a book, and wind down.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21

There is a possibility you are in two minds about something, or weighing up a situation. Remember, you are supported by the universe here so chill. Instead of being weighed down and stressed, look up to the stars, literally, for answers. The universe won’t let you down.