Dunga teams beam

Written by Kerrie Alexander

The 2022 Dunga Derby teams had about three weeks to shake off all the dust and recover from a massive four days of adventure on this year’s rally before attending the highly anticipated Awards Night on August 20.

Funds raised by the Dunga Derby go to local charity Rally for a Cause, which supports Fraser Coast families and individuals affected by life-limiting medical conditions or have had their lives disrupted by circumstances beyond their control.

Rally for a Cause was started on the Fraser Coast in 2015 and since then the Dunga Derby event has raised over $2.3 million and has supported 181 local Fraser Coast families.

Hundreds of dunga participants, sponsors and officials came together for lots of laughs and cheers at the Beach House Hotel to honour this fantastic achievement and congratulate this year’s teams on raising an extraordinary $455, 945 this year alone!

There were also a few tears shed after one of the recipients shared their story of how financial support from Rally for a Cause had changed her family’s life with her young daughter going through heart surgery and a breast cancer diagnosis of her own.

Many teams were awarded for smashing previous fundraising efforts, individuals acknowledged for taking part in all eight Dunga events, five-year year Dungarians and acknowledgment to those incredible supporters and organisers who make the event happen!

Some of the biggest and most emotional presentations of the night were to the winners of the Cooper Christensen shield, the Jesse Moore Teams Team award and the Michael and Amanda Christensen Award.

These awards were created as a legacy to young Jesse who lost her fight to bone cancer and brave little Cooper who lost his battle against brain cancer.

Cooper and Jesse became the faces of Rally for a Cause and the first recipients of funds raised through the inaugural Dunga Derby in 2015.

Congratulations to all the teams, sponsors and organisers involved in making the wheels of this awesome charity keep on turning!

Alive Magazine is proud to be a media partner and we look forward to highlighting all the dunga action and recipient stories again in 2023.

Left: Car #32 the Dunny Mo-Beale was the committee’s choice for the team that showed the best team spirit on the Dunga. The team were honoured to be presented with the Superheroes Team Award.

On the honour board …

Jesse Moore Teams Team Award
Car #26 Stratton Finance, with Darren Senter, Heather Senter and Leanne Griffiths, was voted as the favourite team by the 2022 participants. This team has contributed to and participated in all aspects of the Dunga Derby and has made a valuable contribution to the fun and comradery during the event.

Dunga Derby Superheroes Team Award
Car #32 Dunny Mo-Beale: The committee choice for the team that has put in the most team effort and shown the very best Dunga Spirit over the entire Dunga season. This team has displayed a dedication to fundraising, positive acknowledgement of sponsors, participation in Dunga events and engaged the wider community in promoting the Dunga Derby and Rally for a Cause charity.

The Michael and Amanda Christensen award
This award comes from the parents of Cooper Christensen and isn’t given out lightly. The two decided that the very special person to receive this award in 2022 was Trevor Pronk. Trev has worked tirelessly behind the scenes of the charity, in the thick of the dunga action as a Greased Monkey’s mechanic and has put his tools to use on many a dunga at his T & S Automotive workshop. What he has contributed to the charity over the years can only be described as phenomenal. Congratulations Trevor!

Top 10 fundraisers:

Car No: 21
Team: The Chiller by HBW Amount: $53,750.00
Car No: 28
Team: Bottle O Shelias Amount: $53,400.49
Car No: 10
Team: Katastrophy Wives Amount: $40,350.00
Car No: 35
Team: Keep on Trucking Amount: $23,098.77
Car No: 26
Team: Stratton Finance Amount: $16,380.25
Car No: 15
Team: The Beaver Bandits Amount: $14,200.00
Car No: 06
Team: Coopers Journey Amount: $12,851.00
Car No: 17
Team: Great Northern Territory Amount: $12,435.00
Car No: 55
Team: Larnsy’s Ratbags Amount: $12,218.85
Car No: 50
Team: Aura the Explorer Amount: $ 10,760.00