A sense of home

Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to July’s Life-Chat. I hope wherever you are, your inner climate is sunny and warm.

It’s been particularly cool this month, and the chilly weather has evoked memories for me from 22 years ago, when 15 vibrant young backpackers died during an arson attack on their hostel in Childers.

Childers was the town in which I was born and grew up, and even though I lived in Hervey Bay at the time of this event, I was shocked and saddened by the senseless loss of life. I realized that ‘home’ does not need to be the place where I currently lived. With my parents and brother still living in Childers, my roots into this town were deep.

The night of the memorial service, which was held in the civic centre, I stood outside in the street with what seemed like a thousand Childers’ residents. I don’t think I have ever felt as freezing as on that night, or as proud to be part of a community.

The service ran late, we were all chilled to the bone, and yet it seemed every person was willing to wait for the moment the survivors left the civic centre, stepped into the lighted darkness, and saw a throng of strangers filling the street in their honour. There was a reverent silence I will never forget. The sense of community love and support felt so palpable I could have touched it.

I felt like I was home and that I belonged here in this town, where love and kindness tried so hard to assuage the grief and horror of loss.

I wonder where you feel ‘at home?’ Is home a particular place in which you feel comfortable and safe, or could your home travel with you, anywhere, if you are happy?

I have friends who feel at home anywhere in the world. They love travel and the adventure that new places bring. They don’t need ‘a place to call home’.

Is your sense of home defined by a spiritual relationship with country or land? A relationship in which
you are a custodian, a protector who walks gently and honours those who have gone before? A deep love of land and the responsibility this love brings form bonds of belonging that permeate the core of our being.

Your answers belong only to you. There are no right or wrong ways to feel at home. Personally, home these days is about being with those I love. When I am surrounded by love, I am in my best place emotionally, and that makes me feel at home regardless of where I am.

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Until next time, have a wonderful month