A Dunga journey

Pete’s laugh is infectious and the kind that just makes you smile. His warmth is felt by all in his presence, and he’s known for being a bit of a cheeky larrikin.

Peter Grumley is here again for his sixth year as part of the Dunga family and he proudly wears the hat of Treasurer of the Dunga Derby.

Pete volunteers his time with the Dunga Derby, and some weeks this can be hours and hours of his time. In the lead up to the event, the committee sometimes meets weekly, and has communications daily.

Peter is jumping back in Car #36 – Colour Racing Identities alongside team mates Mark and Les. Look out for their Music Trivia and Bingo night!

Peter and his wife Karen love living in Hervey Bay and are proud advocates for all the positive that the community represents.

Peter is a founding member of the group Fraser Coast Mates and loves being part of providing support to those in our local area that need it the most.

Peter believes humanity towards others is very important and he embodies this amongst his many contributions to local charity organisations as well as sporting groups.

When Peter isn’t working as Senior Trainer for Simple Solutions, he enjoys a swim on Saturday mornings with the Hervey Bay Crocs and also enjoys his time playing or ‘participating’ as he words it, with the Hervey Bay Fruit Bats.

Simple Solution are Sponsors for the Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast regions, and an integral part of the Dunga Derby community.

Having lived in Hervey Bay for 31 years, Peter is a true local and the Dunga family are really lucky to have him as one of their own.

Peter’s favourite thing about Dunga so far is the individuals providing an active humanity to the community. Helping those in the community who are vulnerable and providing them basic support in their time of need.

Peter’s favourite memory so far is when the teams visited the Dulacca Pub and had a ‘Dunga’s Got Talent Night’ – this might be an inside story! Another fond memory Peter has is the teams visiting the Nanango races and everyone got dressed up and fully involved in the local festivities. This is what Dunga is all about!

Peter is in awe of the growth of Dunga Derby and Rally for A Cause over the last eight years and is very excited to see its future growth. With great community spirit, Peter believes the Dunga will continue to grow into the future and looks forward to all the recipients, the charity will help in the future.