The Mamas of Dunga

Written by Kerrie Alexander

Imagine being Mama to 250 for a four-day weekend!

That’s many breakfasts, lunches, hats and water bottles. That’s hundreds to get through showers, loo breaks, morning teas and muster to bed on time!

Now imagine those 250 people are fully grown adults, and you’re in the countryside, in the cold, in Dunga cars!

Amy D’Amico is a loving mum of three young men, a student and an employee. She’s a volunteer, an adventurer and damn remarkable. She holds three roles across the Dunga Derby and Rally for a Cause Charities including Secretary, Bookkeeper and Organiser of the 2022 Fraser Coast event.

What is even more remarkable is that Amy is one of MANY Dunga Mamas, who we’d love to celebrate. We have our volunteers and teammates from the Dunga Derby Teams, Wiggle Leaders, Officials, Supporters and Working Group, Dunga Derby Committee, Rally for a Cause Recipient Sub-Committee, Rally for a Cause Directors and our Rally for a Cause Volunteers and Employees! There are so many more, but too many to list.

Dunga Derby and Rally for a Cause is surrounded and supported by a group of local Mama’s who are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They sacrifice so much of their time and energy on this local cause and inspire many to do the same. If you are interested in sponsoring, volunteering, or supporting either charity, please contact

From the whole family at Dunga Derby and Rally for a Cause, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Happy Mother’s Day to our behind-the-scenes crew, to our vibrant and forward facing Dunga teams, and to our recipients and members of the community.