Mum’s the word

Written by Michelle Robinson

Welcome to May’s edition of Life-Chat.

I’m introducing the theme of my column this month by sharing some information I heard on ABC breakfast television recently.

During the course of their lives, one in three Australian women will experience difficulty with an anxiety disorder.

Naturally, many men also struggle with anxiety; and the likelihood of a man developing a problem with anxiety is currently one in five.

So, whether one is a man or a woman, experiencing the unpleasantness of anxiety is not unusual, and yet statistically, more women struggle with anxiety than men.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that one of the most potent triggers for women’s anxiety is their lack of confidence as a parent. Whether one is a mother through natural birth, or is an adopted Mum to young ones, concerns about being a ‘good enough mother’ affect millions of Australian women each day.

These concerns often stem from unreasonably high expectations placed upon them. We live in an age where images of the perfect mother stare at us from our media feeds, and Dr Google reveals so much advice for the wellbeing of our children, that parents are permanently nonplussed.

When I was pregnant, in the 1980s, I had three books about parenting, and they were the same books owned by most of my friends. It was much less daunting, in some ways, than the indecision that information overload and the fears of making wrong decisions creates. No-one expected us to be perfect back then.

This column is a ‘shout out’ to all Mums, and my message is straightforward.

If you love your kids and give them the best version of you that you can manage right now, you are a good enough mother. In fact, no more can possibly be asked. You’re doing just fine.

Children remember how we made them feel, far more than the gifts given on significant occasions, and the best chance we have of making our kids feel good, is to feel good about ourselves.

The behaviour we model speaks volumes about whether we respect and value ourselves.

If I don’t value myself, then how can my children believe they are worthy of value? My words just won’t carry honesty, and kids intuitively know it. The same is true for you.

I believe that a Mum’s (or Dad’s) self-care should be a priority and never considered a luxury. Finding time to connect to the ‘you’ who is more than a parent, is essential. A healthy, happy Mum is a gift across generations, inspiring not just her own children but eventually, her grandchildren, to seek fulfillment and explore the possibilities their lives may offer.

I’ve recorded a meditation that inspires parents to believe in themselves and have confidence that their best is good enough. You can access this MP3 audio from the link below, at no cost. Please use headphones, and never listen while driving or operating machinery as there is a hypnotic quality to the suggestions.

My ‘Parenthood Without Anxiety’ meditation is available from

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Until next time, have a wonderful month.