Women in Business – Tara Bradbury

Tara Bradbury

Q: How did you get into your current position and what is a highlight of your career?
It all started when I finished high school in 2002 and had completed a work experience position at TESS (Training Employment Support Service) in Maryborough. Dawn Smith who was my supervisor at the time had some real estate dealing with Wal Pavey Real Estate. She recommended me for the reception position they had available, and I then continued my studies and became a Property Manager within 12 months. To this day Dawn and I are still friends and are involved in Toastmaster Clubs across the Fraser Coast.
Coming into 2022 I remain in the Property Management Industry and have gone from being employee in 2002 to employer in 2019 starting Active Agents Hervey Bay. As much as many didn’t know it at the time, I could see Hervey Bay was ready for a paperless property management experience and released Active Agents to the community in April 2019. It was bold and risky at the time but knew Hervey Bay was ready and it has certainly created a more efficient approach with communication between all parties in the rental property transaction.

Q: How can we encourage future women leaders?
Women thrive from a network of champions including mentors, sponsors, and coaches. This can help women leaders gain a clear understanding of the network they have, compared to the network they need. New relationships and new connections can be built with both the short- and long-term success in every individual.

Q: What does an equal future world look like?
Girls and young women are equally represented in decision-making opportunities and have the power to influence the crucial decisions affecting their lives.
People often associate ‘power’ with strength, domination or with the ability to impose one’s will. But this is a limited view of power. A more complete definition of power is: the ability or capacity to effectively communicate an idea, influence people and take action. These types of power can be experienced individually or collectively. These are the values I instil in my two daughters Isabelle and Sienna daily and trust the work we do today will assist in creating a better tomorrow for our next generation of female leaders.