Women in Business – Jacqui Hikuwai

Jacqui Hikuwai

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
It’s a day to celebrate women from all over the world, not just in the business arena, but to salute women from all cultures, in sport, politics, motherhood. It’s also a day to recognise how far we have come in gender equality.

Q: How did I start and what are the highlights of my career?
From a very young age I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind, I would bite off more than I could chew and chew like crazy. You just need to find the way, and there’s always a way. One of the highlights in my business career is providing a platform for our local Indigenous community to share their beautiful culture with our guests onboard. Between our Butchulla guides and guests I see something click, it’s a connection to culture and nature. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness and for me personally that gives me great joy and pride to be a part of that.

Q: How can we encourage future leaders?
As women in business we need to lead by example, become a mentor to guide and encourage future generations. The strong and successful women in business that I know support each endlessly. I would also encourage businesses to employ women in what may typically be considered a male role and not underestimate what women are capable of achieving given a supporting environment.

Q: What does an equal future world look like?
Where it will become the new normal to employ staff based on their skillset and personality, where training and support is given to either gender without second thought.
People are equally remunerated and promoted into leadership roles regardless of gender.