Where to next?

Written by Kodie Axelsen

Well if there isn’t a more important topic than our next generation. They’re our upcoming leaders and thought provokers. They’re the generation that was raised with tech and with a world of information at their fingertips. Being a mother of two boys and a girl it excites me to be raising strong, independent and individual people in this era.

I believe they are going to be the next generation to instil mass change in our world. They’ve grown up with their great grandparents living through an era of world wars, their grandparents off the back of that being raised in a hard, working class environment and now their parents in the upcoming information age beginning to break glass ceilings. It is an exciting time to be alive!

In the world of money we have new tech like blockchain and a multitude of platforms to invest money. What will our next generation do with all of this information and these options they have available. I was chatting with another mum a week ago and we stated how we are now those parents that weren’t up with the latest tech. Our kids are starting to overtake us. Who ever saw that coming?

It is an age where you can make millions from a laptop and learn how to do it from your loungeroom. You just need to apply yourself to learn the tools. There are so many guides and courses available on how to budget your money, invest your money and spend your money wisely.

Then there are the chat groups with thousands of people to discuss your pain points with. It is actually quite remarkable how connected and supported we are. But still the human race wants personal interaction therefore we will still seek that personal face to face connection especially when it comes to our hard earned money.

We want to sit with someone and know we are being heard and have the opportunity to ask questions and draw pictures to gather our understanding. I do wonder with our next generation, how long this personal interaction will be a need. We already take meetings via Zoom and talk on the phone rather than in person. Only time will tell.

This generation will be our next line of business owners. The world of business is already changing.

From 9 to 5 to working from home to working all hours to fit in with your lifestyle. Employees being viewed as more of the heart of the business rather than the slaves of the business owners. Human rights and matters of the environment and the globe are becoming top of mind when making business and financial decisions. It’s ever changing and I am excited to see what ideas, goals and topics become the heart of conversation with our next generation. Bring on the questions! Bring on the ideas! Bring on the positive change!