Document the now – Time Capsule

Written by Kim Harris

The last two years have been … different!

There has been so much fast change; accompanied by a frustratingly slow pace to see the rewards and finish. The question ‘are we there yet?’ comes to mind.

Every decade of our life is so different from the last, but it happens slowly. This time it feels different and hard to predict our own future like we once thought we could.

Next Gen, yours is being built now. Let’s try and capture it!

That time creating your capsule is a great opportunity to reflect on life, the world we live now, your environment, work, the people, and practices that don’t feel right moving forward.

Set a date to close your capsule. Think about who you are, and how you roll. If you think you can keep it open until New Year’s Eve 2022, making contributions during the year, then go for it!

Make it You:

Get yourself a two-litre new empty Paint Can from Earles Paint in Maryborough for $4.50.

Get your energy flowing by picking a colour palette, choose a few colours that you like and feel drawn to. I went with pink pastel, plus glittery galaxy black for impact and a splash of orange.

New paint cans are super shiny which can cause issues with application and longevity of paint adhesion. Give the time capsule a rough sand, rinse off, dry, then apply a base coat primer, following the instructions on spray can– taking the time to prime ensures a better result.

Stencils are a good way to add dimension to design. I had varied success – bleeding happens when previous coat is not completely dry or applying too much paint. I did both!

Photos: Go through your phone, select ten or more photos that say ‘this is my world right now’. Make the effort to print, even if it’s just on regular printer paper. Write a note on the back of the photos to remind Next-Gen You why the pic is significant. Don’t forget a photo of your home, pets and you.

Life purpose: Include items from your workplace. Maybe a business card, brochure, payslip, fav type of pen, record how many hours you usually work. Write an intention you would like to manifest for your life purpose in the next 10 years.

Relationships: You know your people. Be real, don’t fluff it! This is for you only, write down what you really feel and what you really want! Add in any love notes or pivotal emails or letters you receive. The good, bad, and ugly.

Ask your partner, friend, or family member to write you a letter. Don’t read, put straight in the time capsule.

Drawings by the children in your life will be cherished or get the fur babies paw prints if that’s more your thing.

Put fun stuff in like money, stamps, face mask, recipes, menu from your favourite restaurant, this article from ALIVE Magazine, bottle top from your go-to drink, print a screenshot of your current music or gaming playlist. Interests that sum you up right now like a page from a book you love, or your workout routine.

Your Vices: Own them and record them. Are they serving you?

Event tickets, feathers, important invoices, invitations, cards, dried flowers, seeds, shells; whatever sparks you.

Fancy up your chamber of secrets by hot gluing a handle on the lid. I used a rock from my garden and a piece of rose quartz. The handle was an afterthought, but I adore it. It brings the capsule to life.

Close your capsule and seal with hot glue.

I intend to open my time capsule in 10 years, but you decide what feels right for you. This is your future, made by you!