What is trending

Written by Abby Blanke

Beauty has really become so big now that all areas have a specialised field. In 2021, we have a look at what is emerging as everyone’s favourites.

Brows are always in: Microblading and brow tattooing are still incredibly popular. Having the perfect shape for your face and not having to do a lot to them everyday is what makes them so popular.

specially coming into summer weather, with the thought of your brows not washing off while swimming is music to most women’s ears.

Brow Lamination has really started to rise through as well, this is a procedure where the brows are brushed up and a solution is used to get them to stay in place for up to four weeks. This is great for women who have really unruly curly brows that never do what they are told.

Henna and the new kid on the market, bronsun tint, are still hugely popular as not only do they tint the brow hair but also the skin for up to two weeks, help to cover gaps in the brows so you dont have to fill them in everyday!

Skin Treatments: One of the treatments that has really taken off in 2021 is Skin Needling. It requires the use of tiny needles to cause micro traumas to the skin, which creates a healing process within the skin. It creates brand new collagen, elastin and skin cells. It is amazing for almost all skin concerns, especially scarring pigmentation and anti-aging. Cosmelan has also really gained traction for being the number one treatment to treat pigmentation of any kind. An intense peel that has your skin shedding for 10 to 14 days. It will literally remove all damaged pigment cells and help to rebuild your skin without pigment.

Lashes: While lash extensions are still hugely popular and the cat eye look still holds supreme, we are noticing more and more lash lifts are becoming more requested. Lash lifts use aperming style solution to curl the lashes up, opening up your eyes more. It works great with a lash tint to really help define the eyes! We are finding this is more manageable than extensions as maintenance is not quite as big. Combine a lash lift with a high quality lash growth serum and your own natural lashes can look just as great as extensions.

Injectables are not going away any time soon: This is by the far the biggest growth in our industry, and availability is becoming more accessible. From filler to botox this is one of the quickest ways to smooth out a line or two or add some volume where gravity might take it away. You can create a subtle little change or as much as you want to be as bold as you feel. That is the best part about injectables: you can create what makes you feel amazing. However that is!