Design to suit you

Written by Ingrid Gorissen

When it comes to interior design, I often get asked if it’s a skill you learn or a creative flair that you a born with?

There is a lot to learn about Interior Design and, for me, one of the biggest challenges I face is trying to communicate my ideas and visions with clients.

How can you make them see what I see in my mind? So, they have to put their trust in me to implement the new and often unexpected into their homes.

So, how can an Interior Designer help you, or how can you become one yourself?

It might be helpful to list all things that an Interior Designer can do for you or help you with.

You might have lots of ideas but bringing it all together is the hardest part of creating an interesting palette of colours and creating interiors that excite but also calm, are interesting but flow, are colourful but not over stimulating, are balanced but with emotion.

Interiors that are beautiful to look at, good for your health and comfortable to live in.

In the end, you just want them to suit you and your family’s taste and lifestyle.

Implementing a trend can look like an easy way of getting it right as there are lots of images showcasing that you are able to follow.

A trend is a general direction, often inspired by culture and/or events and because the trend style is used all the time in advertising, most people like to follow because that’s what other people like … that’s how the brain works.

But is that trend really in fashion?

It can also go OUT of fashion!

Finding your own style and not only following a trend can be a lot harder.


So, let’s break it down nice and simple. An Interior style is an overall look and feel created by a space and is influenced by history and culture. Generally, a home will have a cohesive style which may be based around the age of the home, the location etc. An example of this is a beach house with a coastal style, or an outback ranch with a modern farmhouse style.


Interior trends refer to certain colours, styles, patterns, materials, or shapes that are popular or ‘trending’ during a certain time. Trends are often influenced by the season as well such as bright colours and greenery in Summer, florals in Spring and warm earthy colours during Autumn and winter. Trends can be heaps of fun, can add a new life to a dull space and give you a chance to play around with new colours or patterns. However, it’s so important to remember that unlike interior styles, trends change rapidly, and ‘micro’ trends are often not long-lasting. Some of the top trends for 2021 include:

Wall paneling and Aegean inspired azure blues
Joyful, playful designs
Rose gold, copper, and brass
Organic / Natural textures (rattan, wicker, timber and stone)
Earthy goodness colours
Light wood
Lush outdoor rooms
Floral wallpapers

I always like to have a look at what the trend is because this is what most people like but will try to give a big twist to it and bring personal colour and material preferences into this design.

My top tips would be:

Don’t feel the need to follow trends fully. Be your own person and trust your own instincts. If you are drawn to certain things, try to use them and experience them while keeping the following in mind:

Design style = large ticket items, Design trend = small ticket items. This means, keep larger pieces, furniture, wall colours etc in line with your design style. Add pieces that suit the latest trend through smaller décor pieces such as cushions or throws. This way, when the trends change, you won’t need to completely overhaul your home and won’t be out of pocket spending big bucks on the next trend.

Keep primary items neutral where possible unless you feel confident and really strongly attached and attracted to a colour. This way you have a neutral pallet and can add colour, texture and pattern in your smaller décor pieces that suit the latest trend.

Less is more. Sometimes a simple pop of colour or texture can make all the difference. Don’t feel the need to go all out with the latest colour trend.

Keep things removable! Floral wallpaper is in right? Consider removable decals or removable wallpaper so it can be easily changed once the trend has passed. This saves you time and money and makes updating your home even easier.


Let’s remember one thing, Interior design should be FUN! Our homes and what we choose to put in them are a representation of our personalities, feelings and moods. There really is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and what works for one family may not be right for you.

Finding your own design style can often mean incorporating two or more styles together to find the perfect mix. Maybe that’s a minimalist version of industrial, a shabby chic take on the Hamptons or a Scandi inspired Bohemian oasis.

Hope that I have helped you with understanding a little bit more about Designing; Trends and Styles and how these two can work hand in hand together to create a style that is uniquely yours.

Have fun with your decor and spend time researching what works best for you and your family and most importantly, trust your instincts!
Happy Styling!