Snap up chance to cast a line

Written by Andrew Chorley

August is a great time of the year for anglers with Winter species in full swing. From August 15, Snapper will be open again with many anglers looking forward to the opening of the season.

We are incredibly lucky to still have the freedom to get out and about on the water here in Queensland, so let’s get amongst it!

In the Burrum, New and Full moon tides will be a great opportunity to look for big yellow fin whiting.
Night tides produce the better fish as they are less wary under the cover of darkness. For anglers looking to fish during the day, try walking the flats with some yabbies or poppers. The odd school jew has been reported in the mid-reaches, along with bream and trevally.

Squire can be found out the front of the Burrum around the 8-Mile along with the odd sweetlip, blackall and mac tuna.

Local Reefs
The deeper reefs have produced some coral trout over the past few weeks with soft plastic’s working well.

Snapper have been good inshore before the closure and are always a chance around the Artificial Reef.

Working the tides will be crucial this week as the bigger tides will see smaller bite times. Other species reported on the local reefs have been sweetlip, jew, trevally and cod.

Urangan Pier
August generally sees a few big longtail tuna getting around the pier.

Live baiting works best under a balloon or free lining back with the tide.

Bream should be in good numbers with fresh baits and live herring working well. Flathead will also be on offer taking live pike fished next to the Pylons.

Wide Grounds
Outside Break Sea Spit reports have been a little limited due to some inconsistent weather of late. Crews that have ventured out are reporting some great fishing. Closer to home the northern and southern gutters have produced coral trout, sweetlip, scarlets, parrot and cod. Snapper will be worth a look around the 25 Fathom Hole particularly at night.

Platypus Bay
A tough season on the snapper this year with some crews finding a few fish. Working the yakka schools on the wider grounds has produced a few along with big longtail tuna and golden trevally.

Grunter have been about and have taken live baits and soft plastics around the reefs with a few big blackall and cod also about.

Sandy Strait
Flathead will start to gather in bigger numbers over the coming weeks and are a great target species for anyone fishing the straits and Mary systems.

Working the rock bars, trains, mangrove edges and anywhere there is some bait are likely spots to start.

Soft plastics are always a safe technique to target flathead as many styles are irresistible to flathead.

In the Mary system. a few threadfin salmon and blue salmon have been reported coming in on soft vibes and plastics. Bream are another species that are in good numbers at present with fish to 1kg being reported from around River Heads. Working the Heads and further down the strait in the creek systems can see anglers rack up a nice little catch. Whiting should be about also over the full moon try working the flats along the western side of Fraser Island on the start of the flood tide.