Reset your mind to can-do attitude

Written by Josh Hoodless

You don’t understand, I can’t do that! What about my injuries? What about my condition? What about my surgery? What about my age? What about my limitations? I’m too anxious. I was told I shouldn’t do that… If you are reading this right now that means you’re breathing and are alive! How awesome is that!

Does anyone wake up in the morning with the thought, “yes, I’m so thankful for this body I have?” Or “I’m so thankful I’m able to move?” We have completely taken it for granted. A lot of us are focusing on what we CAN’T do rather than what we CAN do. Your body is exactly the way it should be for what you have done to it.

Over the last couple of decades coaching people to their health and fitness goals, we have noticed quite a trend with people focusing on the negatives rather than the positives.

Recently a few people have mentioned they can’t squat or lunge because of their bad knees or they are too old to be doing that. I mention to them that we train a guy who has had two knee replacements, 13 knee surgeries and can still squat 90kg, does walking lunges and is 64 years old. That’s just one example.

My point is … look at the things you can do and STOP making excuses to not look after the amazing body you do have!

Let’s look at modification and alternatives. This is where an experienced strength and conditioning coach can help.

If you have some bad joints, what are the ways to strengthen muscles around those joints safely? Here are some examples of what we are talking about: there are many exercises that rely more on the hips than the knees for lower body training.

What is a non-impact way of doing cardio-vascular exercise? Try cardio machines, such as a rower or air bike, or even go for a swim. What is the best way to train the hinge (deadlift) with lower back issues? Got bad shoulders? How can we train pain-free upper body exercises that are not only safe but healthy for the shoulders?

Hopefully you’re getting my point. If you have a broken arm doesn’t mean you can’t exercise, you still have another arm and two good legs. Injuries are a temporary setback that allow us to focus on other areas of our health and fitness.

You might wake up having a bad day. You might be suffering with issues like anxiety and depression. Your mental state can stop you from exercising and preparing healthy meals to fuel your body. Remember, it’s a choice to take those negative feelings and start putting yourself down.

Having gratitude can truly change your mindset and the way you start looking at yourself on those low days. Start by becoming aware of all the ways your body CAN move. If there is something you CAN’T do, then what is something you CAN do?

Do that and be grateful for it. What do you think your future unhealthy immobile self would say to you right now?

The more you realise that your body is worth taking care of the more you will start to care about the importance of exercise.

If you spend more time being grateful for what your body can do for you, then you will have less time tearing it down.