Kicking butt with business goals

Written by Kodie Axelsen

Our theme for this month is creative and I wanted to connect this to our amazing local business owners.

Business to me is a space to get your creative juices pumping and your ideas flowing. I don’t know anything more personal than owning and nurturing your own business to fruition.

I see so many people on the Fraser Coast starting businesses or growing businesses and it makes my heart flutter. The sense of achievement those people would feel is immense. The comradery that goes into business is amazing and to me, the team is best part of it.

Whether you are single, partnered or have a family, owning a business changes your life. The responsibility that comes with being a leader is immense. The pressure is real, the responsibility is real and the achievement is real. Without support networks business owners could not be their best selves and turn up everyday ready to strive.

I am extremely proud to be a part of a community that is full of young business owners that back each other and show their support to each other.

Without that vibe our creativity would be hindered. The energy that support brings helps crack open our minds and rummage through ideas together to problem solve and deliver.

When having conversations with local business owners you will see that all of their stories are different. Something in each of them sparked to want to take that leap of faith and stand on their own two feet.

To navigate a way to make their dreams a reality and strive to achieve something great that they can look back on and say ‘I did that.’

To add to this support, there are the families. The ones in the background. The husbands, wives and partners showing up for their loved ones to support them in their venture. Whether it be cooking dinner or taking the kids to sport or baby sitting on weekends so they can work, because god knows you work your butt off when you start a business because you need every bit of it you can take.

The best word that comes to mind is resilience. There are good times and there are bad times and there are the times you don’t ever want to experience again. Then there are the times you kick that goal you have been wanting to achieve and it all feels worth it. The sacrifice you have made for so long has finally paid off.

Being a business owner isn’t easy and in recent times it has either destroyed business or sky rocketed its success. This short article is an affirmation to say congratulations! Wherever you are in your business journey feel proud that you have many business owners that surround you and commend your efforts.

I am proud to say the Fraser Coast is my home and I am a business owner in this amazing community. What better place to run your business than the amazing Fraser Coast. So kudos to you all! I see you and I commend you! Keep kicking goals!