Head over wheels in love

Written by Kerrie Alexander

Owning a classic car is about the experience, style, exclusivity, and craftsmanship, all of which are
universal and timeless to those motoring enthusiasts who share this immensely popular passion.

For Janet Moy, owning her 1929 Ford Roadster is all that, plus the bonus of an incredible love story intertwined with her adoration of a rumbling V8.

Living in Toowoomba at the time, Janet and her late husband Peter had always been into their cars, with a 1966 Mustang in the shed and a Roadster on the wish list.

It was on Peter’s bucket list to drive a Roadster in the prestigious Cooly Rocks On Festival in Coolangatta, and after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, he did just that.

The car was bought in 2012 from an owner on the Gold Coast who had spent three years building it up to the excellent condition it’s in today with a C4 auto, 351 Windsor motor, a timeless British Racing Green colour, and white vinyl interior.

“I said to Pete, if you can find one at a reasonable price then let’s buy one … of course he had already found one and bought it,” she said with a laugh.

“He drove it in the big parade, and he was the first cab off the rank behind the (escort) police car with a massive, big smile on his face; it was just amazing!

“We stayed at Coolangatta for 13 days for the festival, went home and three weeks later he was gone.”

Being on her own, Janet toyed with the idea of selling the hot rod but couldn’t bring herself to part with it.
A year later, after her son Chris rebuilt the engine, she decided it was time for a sea change and moved to a home in Toogoom that the couple had built.

As a self-confessed social butterfly, Janet quickly found friendship in the like-minded members of the Wide Bay Rodders Custom Car Club, including Leigh Moy who instantly impressed with his 1970 white Chevelle.

“I was just going to get rid of the Roadster after I lost Peter, but I thought the only way I’m going to meet people was by joining the club because it wasn’t going to happen at my age by going to the RSL,” she laughed.

After a couple of club meets the two bonded over their passion for cars, they were married three years ago, and the rest is history.

As it turns out, Leigh was also the supervisor of the site when the house at Toogoom was built.

“It was just meant to be.

“See, it’s never too late to find love … I wasn’t going to get hitched again but look what happened.

“That’s Des’ fault,” she said with a laugh, pointing the finger at club member Des Batton who played master match maker between the two.

Janet and Leigh are active members of the club and often take their own cars to meets, leaving Janet with the freedom to just get in her hot rod and drive.

Cruising has also been made more comfortable with a new suspension fitted by Leigh.

“I like to have my own car. It’s something a little different and it’s so cool to drive with the wind in your hair and the sun on your head,” Janet said.

“I like to do my own thing, but we have the best of both worlds too. We’ve got the Chev if it’s raining and then if it’s a fine day, we’ll take the roadster.

“We’re just living the dream, driving our cars and having some fun.”

The Roadster has been a popular pick with judges at car shows around the region including six trophies at Childers in 2016 and two in 2017, and People’s Choice at the Independent Riders show in 2018.

A humble Janet is no trophy hunter but said it’s nice that her ride is appreciated for the awesome classic that it is.

“It’s not the best rod in the world, there’s so many beautiful cars out there but I have won a lot of trophies and that’s just a bonus.

“It’s a labour of love. You spend a lot of money on these things but at the end of the day it’s just more about the fun of it.

“You don’t think about all that when you’re driving it. I just love it.”

Local car enthusiasts will no doubt see both Janet and Leigh cruising the Esplanade this month for the Wide Bay Rodders May in the Wide Bay Car Show, which will run from April 30 to May 3.

Be sure to give them a wave!