A rambling road to the good health message

Written by David Everett

Health in a time of a pandemic. Somehow despite the word pandemic being so frequently used over the past 12 months I still managed to spell it wrong three times.

Maybe there is something in brain health I should be worried about.

It’s an interesting subject really and most of it for the past year has concentrated on COVID, which shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone, but it kind of overshadowed all the other bits and pieces that go towards health.

Perhaps I should clarify that as; going towards ‘Good Health’.

The first column I ever wrote, which I am sure I have squirrelled away somewhere, was a tale of weekend sports, orange quarters at half time and decrying the alleged value of organic produce. While I don’t have that column to hand I do remember it clearly stating that organic does not mean
healthier; in fact organic farming allows for the use of some really toxic chemicals. Sure those chemicals are ‘natural’ but, by damn, they are a lot worse for a person than glyphosate AND require a lot more of it.

That’s a whole other discussion though, so back to where I was going, which I must admit that I’m not really sure where that was.

I’ll push on and come up with a new direction, as I honestly can’t recall where I was going with the first couple of sentences. Also I’m eating a handful of chocolate bullets after having a lamington, so I know it definitely wasn’t going to be about the body being a temple.

Everything in moderation though, and dark chocolate bullets are so good so there’s no guilt there. I’m really thirsty now and there is no way I have had enough water today, but that’s not what I was going to write about. If I did, I would be advocating for tap water over bottled and would include a request for fluoride in mine.

Men’s health is a topic of great importance to me but despite the reticence of my fellow menfolk to have a regular prostrate exam, or to even talk about their wellbeing, it wasn’t going to be about that either. Perhaps though it should be given the willful ignorance of men to talk about their health or even see a doctor until it’s too late. Anecdotally, I think though the situation is improving, and I do at least recall there wasn’t going to be any preaching in this month’s column – so I’ll skip over this
subject too.

Maybe this month’s column was going to be about brain health, or the importance of keeping notes, because right now I cannot for the life of me think what the heck I planned on writing before I got distracted by the organics bit.

I’ve also gone and retrieved the rest of the chocolate bullets so even my comment regarding moderation is being shot to pieces right here. But oh, they went down so well. Still it’s not
the worse indulgence I could be having, and while it was a bit of a binge I hadn’t had much chocolate of late so that’s not too bad.

I remember now, it was going to be about my years as a Paramedic, and then as a nurse, and some of the lessons I had learnt from this. I’ve kind of taken up most of my allocated inches but I am going to end where I had planned on ending in my original mental draft and that was ‘Good Health is not always a choice’.

Yes there are many actions that we take that have a negative effect on our wellbeing but good health is a very complicated state of being and can’t be boiled down to trite statements like ‘eat less, move more’ and definitely shouldn’t include anything that uses the terms ‘detox’, ‘chemical free’ or ‘enemas’.

Start with small positive changes and see your GP, dietician, psychologist, physiotherapist or any of the other evidenced based practitioners out there if you are looking for good health.

And don’t buy large packets of bullets.

P.S. FYI, multivitamins generally just result in expensive urine.