Being passionate about business!

Written by Kodie Axelsen

I relate love to passion. The old saying goes, “If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in
your life.” Most people want to work in a field they’re passionate about or start a business that
they’re passionate about.

Starting a business can sometimes be a daunting task but I find if you love what you’re doing and
passionate about the cause, the excitement gets you through it.

I think this is a relevant subject as I see more and more young people starting their own full time or
part time businesses but many don’t know where to start.

As usual my advice is to gather your ‘team!’.

These guys are the ones that will guide you through from the get go. Your broker, accountant,
financial planner and solicitor. These people are the guideposts you want on your team to liaise
with each other and make sure your business plan will come to fruition as smoothly as possible.
When businesses have these people working together for them, they achieve magnificent things.

Your accountant can help structure your business correctly. They will make sure this is done right from the start as changing your business structure can affect things down the track.

They can also help with your cash flow forecast and business plan to make sure your proposed
business is feasible. Your solicitor can help you if buying a business or if signing a commercial lease
etc. They can make sure your decisions now will protect your business and its future.

Your broker can liaise with your accountant and make sure you can do what you are proposing
to do if requiring finance. They will help plan the financing if buying or starting a business as
they know the lending requirements. They can also make sure your future plans for growth if
requiring funds are achievable.

Your financial planner can help make sure you are covered with any life insurances required for the
extra risk you are about to take on.

If you are thinking about starting your own business there are more than enough local
professionals to help guide you through the process and we are one of them.

If we are talking love and passion there is nothing more that lights us up than helping young
locals start rolling with their passion into a new business venture.

Remember you can start small as a side hustle and build it up to replace your income. It’s just
getting started that is the big step, and we are here to guide you!

Now go forth and conquer young friends! The world is your oyster!