A home is where the heart is

Written by Ingrid Gorissen

Welcome to Eco Living.

I am Ingrid – interior designer at Vivere Homes. I’m excited to join the ALIVE team as a new columnist. My focus is on YOU and your living spaces.

You can always reach out to me with questions about a home build or reno, or the interior design of your home.


It is underestimated what the effect of a well-designed home can have on its occupants.

Now more than ever, a home base needs to be a retreat that wraps you up and makes you feel great again. In fact, everything from your lighting, airflow, to the colour of your paint can affect your sleep habits, energy levels and overall health.

To feel really at ease in your home, it is important that a home reflects who you are with your ideas, hobbies, lifestyle and the way you like to live. It should be unique to you and your family and will then ooze uniqueness.

If I think about a home, I like to feel:
• a well thought through colour scheme reflecting happiness, harmony, peace
• a nice comfortable temperature, preferably achieved with cross ventilation, natural heating/cooling and insulation.
• memories, a collection of personal items without cluttering
• nature, lots of natural greens
• personality
• natural light because of its healing power to the mind, body, and soul
• clean as it improves the air quality and uplifts the mood
• a layout that fits your and your families needs
• a warm welcoming atmosphere
• comfort; don’t fight over a couch, just add another one!
• serene bedrooms to rest and rejuvenate

The theme of this month ALIVE magazine is LOVE.

Love is in people and love is in the homes they live in.

Love is in our environment and… The way we care for it!

I was lucky, coming from a most loving family in the Netherlands, migrating to Australia in 2000 with our family of 7. I always had a love for interior design but moving to a new country, the importance of transforming a house into a home was even more significant.

Not only creating a new connected home for our family, but also creating an interior reflecting an emotional contact with the loved ones we left behind. Memories that make you happy and that tell the story about you are worth sharing or putting on display.

I love(d) creating a welcoming atmosphere for new Australian friends as well. While our cultures are different, when people feel welcome, a first step is made to connecting with new friends.

Home building and interior design for me is getting to know people and creating a space that is quintessentially them.

I am looking forward to interacting with you and telling you more about my vision for a happier and healthier home living.

Homes with LOVE X