Written by Andrew Chorley

HAPPY New Year to all my readers! I wish everyone the very best for 2021.

With a new year comes new goals and ticking off that bucket list fish is always high on the agenda at the beginning of the year for the keen fisho.

Thinking about what your goal is and coming up with a plan is the key.

Homework is essential; think about tackle, tides, season, zones you know your target species may be found, then putting aside time to chase that dream fish.

One thing often over looked is tackle! Check that your tackle is running to perfection, your reel has a smooth drag, the roller bearing is spinning, the guides on the rods have no cracks, knots are good and hooks are strong enough on your terminal.

These little things can go a long way when targeting big trophy fish.

Good luck on whatever your bucket list fish may be in 2021.

When you achieve your goal soak it up and enjoy the moment.

The Burrum has seen lots of attention from both locals and holiday makers recently.

Mangrove Jacks have been active with hard bodied lures and soft plastics working well.

Around the mouth, whiting and flathead have been taking baits along the flats.

Local Reefs
The local reefs have been firing with good catches of sweetlip, blackall, squire, golden trevally and pencil squid.

Working the tides has brought success for those who are putting in the effort with soft plastics with an hour either side of the tide being the best.

Wide Grounds
The wide grounds have been producing some big sweetlip with whole squid baits working very well.

For those after coral trout there has been a few reported from the southern gutters.

Platypus Bay
Platypus Bay has seen a few mac tuna and spotted mackerel on the surface.

This time of year, scarlets and sweetlip can be caught on the reefs with fishing at night working the best. A few longtails can also be found deep on the bait schools.

Sandy Strait
Salmon can be found by working the banks along the Mary River, with holding on the rock bars and deep holes.

Trolling, casting saltwater fly, lures and soft plastics has all been getting results.

Flathead can also be found up the creeks of the Mary with the drains being a favourite hangout for flathead this time of year.

If you are after a feed of whiting try Turkey Straits and Booral flats on the flood tide with some live yabbies.