Live my bucket list every day of my life

Written by Kevin

From what I can gather, a ‘Bucket List’ is a list that a person makes of all the things that they would like to do once over their lifetime that they can then tick-off as they do them.

I’m a simple border collie and I was wondering how I could apply a bucket list to my own life. You see, the thing is, being a dog, I don’t think very far into the future and I enjoy every day and as many moments in each day as I can. There are moments that I don’t enjoy, like cracking thunder or certain aspects of vet visits, but when those moments pass I go back to being happy with whatever the next moment brings.

After a little contemplation, I have realised that I live my bucket list every day of my life – sometimes we skip things, or we mix up the order, or add in something unexpected and that just adds to that unpredictable nature of life that makes it oh so interesting.

So here goes, this is my current Bucket List:

  1. Morning cuddles with my humans
  2. Walkies – we mix it up between sniffy-walks (encountering kangaroos makes this a particularly exciting walk) and social walks, usually to coffee shop.
  3. Breakfast – mostly the same each day with some surprises thrown in.
  4. Sleep – usually wherever the breezes are, on cool tiles, or under the Air Con if I have succeeded in convincing my human to turn it on.
  5. Postie patrol – this is the highlight of my days – I can hear the postie coming and I wait by the front gate where I can watch and hear them all around the neighbourhood until it comes zooming past gate – this is when I get ridiculously excited and bark and run like a crazy dog – sometimes the postie even comes up close to the gate and when I bark at them they zoom away – my success rate at scaring the postie away is 100% so far –what a great guard dog I am!
  6. Afternoon breeze/snooze – after all that excitement and after successfully protecting our property I deserve to chillax. I find the best location on the front deck to soak up the afternoon breezes and watch the afternoon neighbourhood goings-on.
  7. Afternoon entertainment – If there is a human home I will do my utmost to convince them that I need some sort of additional enrichment – sometimes that will include an additional walk, some food puzzles, sniffing games or make they might even teach me some new things – I do love this time of day because it’s when my human’s attention is solely on me and that, afterall, is what us dogs live for. We live to serve our humans and bring unconditionallove and connection to all, so whenever we get to just ‘hang-out’ with our humans we are very grateful. If us dogs had to put one thing on a bucket list – it would be ‘one on one time with my human’ but that’s not something
    I want to do once, that something that I want every day.

Hmmmm, I’m wondering what I should call my ‘everyday list’ – maybe it’s more of a gratitude list. Yes! That’s what it is I think I have made – a list of all the things that I am grateful for everyday! What would you put on your gratitude list?

A “Gratitude List” – What a great way to start the year!

Your furriend,