Backyard beauties

Written by Sotik Sahna

I think at times we can be a little too quick to miss out, forget, or not Backyard beauties even realise the incredible beauty and treasures we have in this backyard of ours – the beautiful Fraser Coast Region!

So, what does Outdoor Fashion look like to you?

Is it getting dirty in the garden? Active Wear? Sweatpants and Converse shoes? I must admit when I’m out of the office, Converse shoes are my go to!

Or maybe for you it’s a floppy sunhat, a pair of thongs? Your favourite fishing shirt? The easy throw over Moo-Moo dress? Seasonal? Denim? Cotton-Fabric choice?

The more I thought about the outdoor theme, the deeper I dug, and the more treasure I found. This month I hope to not only encourage, but challenge you on #backyardbeauties by making a conscious decision and effort to explore!

I know for myself it can be easier sometimes to go to the places that are the most familiar, but I want to challenge you to enlarge your tent and explore new territory.

Pop into that boutique store you’ve always wanted to. Drive a different route and discover stores you never knew existed. Sift through the second hand shops whilst supporting a cause.

Garage Sales – you’ll be surprised what fashion pieces you can find. Jump online to our community groups, Facebook, Instagram platforms and search for local fashion designers and accessory creators.

That’s right, you read correctly, we have so much talent in our own backyard!

Take for example Ruth, the beautiful young lady featured in this column photographed by the very talented Jess Gunn – another local talent.

Ruth is a senior student here on the Fraser Coast. Not only does she have an exquisite portfolio growing in modelling, Ruth is also an aspiring fashion designer getting ready to launch her new project in 2021.