Top money tips and tricks

– by Kodie Axelsen

Hi! I’m Kodie, the owner of Co. Finance  and boy am I excited about sharing this  page with you!

Now let’s nourish your  money hunger with some tips and tricks  on all things money and finance! Whether you are in business or work a 9  to 5, chances are you are going to require  finance at some stage in your life.

In the  current economy there are some small  things you can do to put yourself in the  best possible position for approval for  finance… 

1. Keep your living expenses low. Banks are  now forensic investigators when it comes  to your living expenses. They will pick up  on all things you are spending your hardearned  dosh on, so be wary. Try and keep  your expenses to a minimum 3 months  prior to applying for a loan.

2. Remember that Interest Free card  you had 6 years ago that you cut up and  threw in the bin. Well…. That is still sitting  on your credit file as an open credit card.  If you have ever had one of these cards,  chances are you haven’t called up the  provider and cancelled your card and it is  still classed as open and available credit  to you. This can reduce the amount of  money you can borrow. 

3. If you receive Centrelink income try  and make sure that all your ducks are  in a row. If you aren’t getting paid based  on your current circumstances the bank  will pick up on this and it will effect your  ability to borrow money. Report your  current income and living situation so your  Centrelink income is on point! 

No question is too small when it comes  to your finances. If you have any burning  questions you want answered, I am all  ears.

Email me at and I’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Have an awesome month!