The weekend roast

– by Jasen Barrie

Now, I am by no means comparing a law degree with that of  a barista but it’s 2020 people, and we still have no idea that to  earn the title “barista” takes education. 

It also takes a great deal of time, effort and passion in developing  the modern-day barista.  As a general guide it takes at least six months for a fledgling  barista to go from a front counter novice to a highly productive,  knowledgeable and confident operator! 


It’s important to introduce them to the role of a barista in  sections.  They need to know their product and begin their journey in  stages. 

Once we are satisfied with a new barista we start them on shots.  When we say shots, we mean the art of espresso extraction. 

They stay with shots until they have their timeframes, their  grinder knowledge, and product knowledge completely down  pat.  Then, the milk journey begins. This is probably the most  frustrating journey, not just for the barista, but for all concerned. 

The art of frothing, grouping and consistently delivering a  quality product, in a quality time frame, takes exactly that…  time! 

I would like to think that just like engaging the highly professional skills of a talented barrister, we can also appreciate  the talent and educational process of a passionate and skilled  barista. 

We love what we do, we have a passion for the product, and we  certainly strive to ensure that you start your day the right way,  every day!